There’s something definitely cringeworthy (if not infuriating) about his new book being this at the same time he’s celebrating the “democratic” plight of white supr. fascists:…

Maybe he’ll stop writing now that there’s literally a book full of his jokes because that’s all he’s written for the past few years: the same book with the same offensive jokes.
First as Tragedy and then as Farce applies equally as well to his career.

depresionismo replied to your post: Any one read Did Someone Say Totalitar…

Site note: he just wrote an editorial piece more or less offering implicit support for Ukrainian fascists.

There’s a really good article out there waiting to be written about what it says about the current world situation that Zizek is considered the most popular leftist outside of Chomsky.

It doesn’t say something good; I’ll say that much.

I can hate on most popular authors for being way overrated and a product of the high-school reading industrial complex (a phrase I really hope catches on), but Vonnegut is one I legitimately like.

Any one read Did Someone Say Totalitarianism? by Zizek? I’m thinking about picking it up because of the Verso sale and wanted some feedback. The topic is interesting and something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.

Thank God Andrew Sullivan is out there saying the need of the workplace to function is more important than calling out bigotry. Because if he wasn’t out there protecting capitalism, who would?

God, Salon is just having an awful day. Crappy articles about race and Heartbleed.

"Sadly we’re having a moment when it’s OK to suggest we don’t want certain people on “our side,” even if they want to be on “our side,” and that bewilders me. I just know I’m on Colbert’s side."
"All the same, while admiring the pedantry of the authors of the Harvard Guide to Using Sources, and acknowledging their gallant defence of the private ownership of knowledge, I failed in those 60-odd years to spot the influence of the obedience to technical procedural rules of quotations on the quality (reliability, effectiveness and above all social importance) of scholarship: the two issues that Mr Walsh obviously confuses"

Zygmunt Bauman responds to plagiarism charges.

I’m conflicted, but I’m falling down on Bauman’s side for this.

(Although, to be fair, don’t try this unless you’ve had a 60 year career of publishing because otherwise you’ll be kicked out of academia or fail a class.)

I would at least have a grudging respect for the argument that he was being censored if the other side would admit they are trying to censor gay rights activists too by demanding that Eichs can’t be criticized or forced out of his position.

But anyways, free speech is a bourgeois concept that’s most often deployed to protect common sense and prevent critical thought, so who cares.

Prediction: Before the end of the year, Brandon Eichs will have a post on a conservative site talking about how the “gay mafia” silenced him and how the world isn’t free anymore.

I’m sure he can sit at home and cry into his millions.