Another sign of the changing landscape is more articles are coming out saying “Both sides are human. We need to find the common ground.” It’s an admission that the lie that Israel is blameless can no longer be sustained.

Wow, the op-eds being put out right now about why its okay to kill Palestinians are unhinged. It’s like they know they are losing the image war.

"70 others killed." Wow, what the hell, Baltimore Sun?

I would bet 95% of the people who call for a Palestinian Mandela have no idea what Mandela himself thought about violence or Palestine.

Some of the worst people I know are libertarians who wear those “Infidel” shirts. They always act like its some brave subversive act also.

"Oh, you’re wearing a shirt mocking a religion you only know about through reading a Wikipedia article? How brave. And you’re wearing it in a country that is currently bombing as many Muslim countries as possible while arresting and spying on Muslims in America? I can barely handle your bravery."

Look at the asshole who felt the need to reply with that. If your reaction to a 9-year-old child being killed is to mock her, maybe you’re an awful person.

"If they ask you about Gaza, tell them: where there is a martyr being rescued by a martyr, and being photographed by a martyr and being bid farewell to by a martyr and being buried by a martyr."

How the Washington Post reports on Gaza.

Source: Angry Arab Blog