Of the 57 killed since the beginning of the Israeli invasion, 20 died after Gazans broke their fast at sunset on Friday evening as Israeli air strikes pounded the Strip.

Eight members of the Abu Jrad family including four children were killed when a missile struck their home in Beit Hanoun including Naim Musa Abu Jrad, 23, Abd Musa Abu Jrad, 30, Siham Musa Abu Jrad, 26, Rija Aliyan Abu Jrad, and four children: Haniyah Abd al-Rahman Abu Jrad, Samih Naim Abu Jrad, Musa Abd al-Rahman Abu Jrad, 6 months, and Ahlam Musa Abu Jrad.

Three members of the Abu Sneineh family were also killed in a strike on their home in eastern Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip and three others were injured. The dead were named by Gaza medical authorities as: Faysal Abu Sneineh, 32, Emad Faysal Abu Sneineh, 18, and Nizar Fayez Aub Sneineh, 38.


20 Gazans killed by Israel since sunset

Eight members of a single family, including a six month old baby.

According to this, Palestinians have been sharing this image on facebook. I can’t verify its authenticity, but the sentiment behind it is certainly true.

The most moral army in the world.

"There is also no sense of normality when everyday life is subject to the arbitrary decisions of the occupation’s administrators. The establishment of the “security” wall is further evidence of the extent to which Israeli security is predicated upon Palestinian insecurity; Israeli rights necessarily mean the denial of Palestinian rights.

In the past, “peace” has served as a means by which existing imbalances are preserved and institutionalized. Even now, international interventions take Israel’s security as a non-negotiable precondition, without any mention of the fact that its current government increasingly appears to be the main threat to its own long-term security. In this sense, peace has become complicit in the ongoing abuse and denial of fundamental rights, and the subordination of justice to other imperatives."

There’s something really awful about Israel telling Palestinians to flee. The Palestinians did that in 1948 and were ethnically cleansed from large parts of Palestine.

"If they are shooting at us, and don’t let our mothers and their children … have a full night’s sleep, what can we do?"

Israel President Shimon Peres

So, the obvious solution to not having a full night’s sleep is to bomb as many Palestinians as possible.  And Peres represents the peace side in Israel

This appeared in the leading paper in the United States.

This same paper will publish editorials against Islamophobia while never realizing its own articles fuel that Islamophobia.

Reports on Twitter are that Israel retains the right to attack again if Hamas fires more rockets.

So basically, it’s a lopsided cease fire favoring Israel, who will likely claim some violation. If one person in Gaza fires a rocket, Israel will claim it’s Hamas and attack again.

Still, hopefully this will bring some peace to Gaza.

Why is David Frum brought on every talk show to talk about Israel Palestine? As far as I can see, he has no real expertise in the area, outside of roundly demonizing Muslims and Arabs. Yet, he gets treated as a serious voice on the issue while Palestinians barely get on mainstream television.