"Even though it might sound harsh and impolitic, here is the bottom line: if you don’t want to get shot, tased, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground, just do what I tell you. Don’t argue with me, don’t call me names, don’t tell me that I can’t stop you, don’t say I’m a racist pig, don’t threaten that you’ll sue me and take away my badge. Don’t scream at me that you pay my salary, and don’t even think of aggressively walking towards me. Most field stops are complete in minutes. How difficult is it to cooperate for that long?"

Sunil Dutta, LAPD officer who worked in Internal Affairs

This is the guy who was supposed to be investigating whether police were abusing their power. And his basic mantra is “Don’t challenge me. I am the law.”

So yeah, cops are your friends.


How do you make that error?

"I’m familiar with your country; I love your country…Anything I can do to make the relationship with India better, I’m willing and enthusiastic about doing so… Just as your capital is welcome here to produce good-paying jobs in the U.S., I’d like our capital to be welcome there…I ask cooperation and commitment and priority from your government in so doing. Can I have that?"

Florida Freshman Rep. Curt Clawson (a Tea Party Republican) asking Nisha Biswal and Arun Kumar for cooperation from their country, India.

Only problem? Both Biswal and Kumar are senior American officials. So, basically, Clawson saw two brown people, heard India, and thought they had to be Indian.

This is the tea party.

"This is not football. In football, when a game ends in a draw, you think it is proportional, but when it finishes 7-1 it’s disproportionate. Sorry to say, but not so in real life and under international law."

Just awful.

While both the Israeli military and Palestinian resistance factions violated the terms of the ceasefire, a close examination shows that Israeli violations were more frequent and far more deadly.

Out of Israel’s 191 violations, 10 percent resulted in death and 42 percent in injuries or detentions; while out of the 75 Palestinian violations, just four percent resulted in injuries and none in death

Yeah, but Palestinian violations count for 3x the Israeli violations because … well, I’m sure the US will have a reason later.


PETA - Consistently awful.

@BhasChat also mentioned how this is just how colonial missionaries would offer aid for conversions. She also points out that if you can’t afford water, a vegan diet may be difficult to implement.

(And to stop the hundreds of vegans saying “BUT IT’S CHEAPER,” research food deserts.)

"70 others killed." Wow, what the hell, Baltimore Sun?

I would bet 95% of the people who call for a Palestinian Mandela have no idea what Mandela himself thought about violence or Palestine.