Just awful.

While both the Israeli military and Palestinian resistance factions violated the terms of the ceasefire, a close examination shows that Israeli violations were more frequent and far more deadly.

Out of Israel’s 191 violations, 10 percent resulted in death and 42 percent in injuries or detentions; while out of the 75 Palestinian violations, just four percent resulted in injuries and none in death

Yeah, but Palestinian violations count for 3x the Israeli violations because … well, I’m sure the US will have a reason later.


PETA - Consistently awful.

@BhasChat also mentioned how this is just how colonial missionaries would offer aid for conversions. She also points out that if you can’t afford water, a vegan diet may be difficult to implement.

(And to stop the hundreds of vegans saying “BUT IT’S CHEAPER,” research food deserts.)

"70 others killed." Wow, what the hell, Baltimore Sun?

I would bet 95% of the people who call for a Palestinian Mandela have no idea what Mandela himself thought about violence or Palestine.

Look at the asshole who felt the need to reply with that. If your reaction to a 9-year-old child being killed is to mock her, maybe you’re an awful person.

"If they ask you about Gaza, tell them: where there is a martyr being rescued by a martyr, and being photographed by a martyr and being bid farewell to by a martyr and being buried by a martyr."

How the Washington Post reports on Gaza.

Source: Angry Arab Blog


Of the 57 killed since the beginning of the Israeli invasion, 20 died after Gazans broke their fast at sunset on Friday evening as Israeli air strikes pounded the Strip.

Eight members of the Abu Jrad family including four children were killed when a missile struck their home in Beit Hanoun including Naim Musa Abu Jrad, 23, Abd Musa Abu Jrad, 30, Siham Musa Abu Jrad, 26, Rija Aliyan Abu Jrad, and four children: Haniyah Abd al-Rahman Abu Jrad, Samih Naim Abu Jrad, Musa Abd al-Rahman Abu Jrad, 6 months, and Ahlam Musa Abu Jrad.

Three members of the Abu Sneineh family were also killed in a strike on their home in eastern Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip and three others were injured. The dead were named by Gaza medical authorities as: Faysal Abu Sneineh, 32, Emad Faysal Abu Sneineh, 18, and Nizar Fayez Aub Sneineh, 38.


20 Gazans killed by Israel since sunset

Eight members of a single family, including a six month old baby.