The people who are demanding reparations today are not and never have been slaves, and those from whom they want payment are not and never have been slave owners.

You are a genuine douche bag. Reparations aren’t simply compensation for having been a slave, and you know this. How fucking disingenuous. Did you reblog that tweet simply to shove shit in African American faces? I see some coded racist bullshit on tumblr from libertarians every day, but this takes the cake. Why make this statement? You really don’t believe that the legacy of slavery ended with the death of the children of slaves, do you?

Do you actually know what THEY want and why THEY want it?

You benefit from the labor of slaves everyday, by the way. Not-white-people all over the world are slaving away manufacturing the things we use. Moreover, the heritage of slavery remains persistently evident in the U.S. That the U.S. is a strong nation is a direct result of slavery. We have done almost nothing to confront the legacy of slavery.

Did you know that you support a libertarian movement that is in denial about slavery and white supremacy. Let’s go to school, shall we?

Since you’re wondering about why reparations, among other progressive actions, would be worthwhile, I suggest the following from Manning Marable, How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America. Reading it will almost certainly piss you off. And it should. After slavery, we found many other ways to systemically oppress black Americans.

Maybe you’d like to read a little about black capitalism and how it’s been historically undermined, fought against with horrific violence, at times, by white people. Read about the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921. You do know that “black capitalism” is a thing, don’t you? I may be an anti-capitalist, but that’s not a reason to not study something that’s an important aspect of my culture. And I’d think because you’re a fucking economic libertarian that you’d like to know that there is and has been a struggle for cultural and individual economic independence in black America and a violent white reactionary movement against it all the way.

It doesn’t have to be explicit violence like this. We profile blacks and blame the black family for the legacy of inequality in the US. The infamous Moynihan Report from 1965 (The Negro Family: The Case for National Action-this is the report archived on the Dept of Labor site) remains the classic white argument for why black America suffers. It’s their faults and only a little bit a U.S. problem and maybe we should help, a little. The fact is we’ve (via the government) never made amends for white supremacy.

In fact, we ignore its white power and we deny the unearned ambition it affords us. We simply insist that everyone has eqaul opportunity as a result of free market capitalism. It’s racist horseshit. Fuck you and your racist THEY.

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"Simply put, what separates white racism from any other form and makes anti-black and brown humor more dangerous than its anti-white equivalent is the ability of the former to become lodged in the minds and perceptions of the citizenry. White perceptions are what end up counting in a white-dominated society. If whites say Indians are savages, be they “noble” or vicious, they’ll be seen in that light. If Indians say whites are mayonnaise-eating Amway salespeople, who the hell’s going to care? If anything, whites will simply turn it into a marketing opportunity. When you have the power, you can afford to be self-deprecating.

The day that someone produces a newspaper ad that reads: “Twenty honkies for sale today: good condition, best offer accepted,” or “Cracker to be lynched tonight: whistled at black woman,” then perhaps I’ll see the equivalence of these slurs with the more common type to which we’ve grown accustomed. When white churches start getting burned down by militant blacks who spray paint “Kill the honkies” on the sidewalks outside, then maybe I’ll take seriously these concerns over “reverse racism.”"

Tim Wise, Honky Wanna Cracker? Examining the Myth of “Reverse Racism” (via darkjez)

I read this essay a few days ago. It is really good.


Thinking about Rick Santorum’s racist dog whistle to the Iowa Republican voters. He claims he doesn’t want to use other people’s money to enrich black people. Overtly racist language, of course. I’d not expect anything less from the Catholic conservative. I’m surprised and dismayed to have heard from more than one white friend that there’s an excuse for Rick Santorum’s statement, or that it’s politics as usual, but I’m learning that my liberal white friends are really willing to betray their whiteness. Something about calling out white supremacy in everyday life seems inappropriate to many of them. It’s ok to attack nationalists and fascists, but everyday white folks and “respected” leaders is not nice. I hate that racist civility.

That white people continue to color wealth-distribution is a problem insisting that black America is so corrupted that they cost “us” too much. An argument implying black people are a financial drain on US wealth (thus potential for equality, i.e. white people like to say, “it’s their fault,”) is crazy considering how many black men we purposefully and willfully incarcerate each year, at great cost, and our inhumane sentencing policies that are unjustly applied in states nationwide. That sort of grand expense is cool, but the small amount of revenue spent on useful and successful, necessary welfare-programs is supposed to be unfair.

That’s white supremacy. It’s not veiled, it’s public policy, it’s explicit and obscene.


I only have one thing to say, today. The libertarian construction of liberty, the concept of the spontaneous social order that organizes the free market, all the libertarian talk of freedom and its enemy coercion are all key components of the white power structure that informs how we are supposed to speak about capitalism. It’s all got roots in white supremacy, and so is inherently racist.

Privilege, Right, Earn, Habit, Character, Money, Exchange, Welfare, Charity, Catallaxy, Privacy, Competition, Value, Liberty, and Freedom: these are all white supremacist concepts in the crass libertarian construction of society. To support someone like Ron Paul is to support white power. He is a dedicated economic libertarian working in the Austrian School tradition. He is a devout bigot. He need not use racial slurs, or even praise white power like public bigots such as Pat Buchanan. He need simply call for privatization and carry Hayek in his heart. A white tradition that insists society constructs white subjects from non-white individuals is much more harmful than a white guy on TV shouting about the loss of a white majority.

I’ll give you something crass libertarians don’t get. We can talk about freedom and liberty in the wake of the struggle to come to terms with equality since the end of legalized slavery in the United States. Black people have always been considered free only as white subjects in the United States. That’s how ideology works. That’s how race works as a legal construction in the United States. It insists we are constituted—via the US Constitution all the way to The Ideal Middle Class Family and its family values—constituted as white subjects, not people but subjects.

I’m fuming this morning. I’m furious that yesterday I was accused of misunderstanding white supremacy. By a white blogger, I’ve no doubt, I’m accused of using the word too often. You can’t use it enough. It’s not about embarrassing, shaming, making white people feel guilty, or flaming over-wraught insults at more or less anonymous bloggers. I’m simply insisting we explicitly state what it means to accept the basic concepts of ordinary capitalism and economic libertarianism. I wholeheartedly and entirely reject freedomthroughpiracy’s criticism in defense of anarchyagogo and other pseudo-anarchist bloggers. (And that goes double for The Modus Pony and her friends.) This shit should not be acceptable even on tumblr. All anarchists must be race traitors.

I know what I’m saying when I claim that economic libertarians are white supremacists. I have their literature that illustrates with self-righteous candor their white power ideals.


Social conservatives are always bigots. Even if they’re gay, Andrew Sullivan. I arrived at this conclusion using scientific positivism. I see conservatives. I listen to them. They say bigoted things. They justify their positions by referring to science. Science publishes things that please the bigots. Round and round it goes. There’s a reason certain people support certain kinds of science at certain times. A correlation.

It’s important you read the blog post and its corresponding links to get the whole picture.

Why do conservatives always, always, always go to bat for white power and excuse white supremacy? What are they invested in? Think about it.


In this paper I explore white attempts to move toward a proactive position against racism that will amount to more than self-criticism in the following three ways: by assessing the debate within feminism over white women’s relation to whiteness; by exploring “white awareness training” methods developed by Judith Katz and the “race traitor” politics developed by Ignatiev and Garvey, and; a case study of white revisionism being currently attempted at the University of Mississippi.

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Using luck. Saying luck.

Meaning luck.

Understanding luck.

Benefiting from luck. LUCK is privilege.

Luck is an important factor in all discussions about the myth of the meritocracy because it’s used to cover for unearned ambition. No matter who you are, what you look like, what genitals you…